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What is a primary care network (PCN)?

A primary care network consists of groups of general practices working together to offer more personalised, coordinated health and social care to the local population. This is done working with a range of local providers across primary care, community services, social care and the voluntary sector.

About The Crays Collaborative PCN

The Crays Collaborative PCN is a network of 6 GP surgeries which are Broomwood Surgery, Crescent Surgery, Derry Downs Surgery, Gillman's Road Surgery, Poverest Medical Centre and St Mary Cray Practice.

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Our aim is to use data and technology to assess population health needs and health inequalities within our patient population of approximately 35,000 patients. This will allow us to inform, design and deliver practice and populations scale care models: support clinical decision making, and monitor performance and variation to inform continuous service improvement. We will ensure we are making the best use of collective resources across practices and other local health and care providers to allow greater resilience and access to a larger range of professional groups. To achieve this, we are supported by additional roles such as paramedics, pharmacists, social prescribers, physician's Associates, care coordinators and GP Assistants.